Simply Idaho

20180811_105258.jpgOne stop we’d been looking forward to since the beginning was Idaho. It’s a place we all love, and even more so because we have some very special friends that live there. They live out in the country between Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint.
From the moment we arrived at the Privats’, the kids didn’t stop playing. It wasn’t long before they were shooting at targets.20180815_154744.jpg20180815_155157.jpg And then the baseball equipment came out and really, was never put away. The boys even came up with a code for waking up early in the morning to begin playing again without having to wake any adults up in the process. 20180816_081916.jpgThe first evening, we went down to Beaver Bay for some fun in the water. The Privats have some church friends staying on their property while house hunting, and they joined us, too.


After so much fun in the water, it was time for roasting hotdogs and smores! Richard had a wonderful fire going in the fire pit he made.

Melbee thoroughly enjoyed herself in once again being a country dog. That hadn’t happened since Orlando! Albert likes to say she went to Disneyland. She met Mickey (Tucker), and Minnie (Nala), and went on all the rides (ran around everywhere there was to run). She slept so deeply at night, and was having fun dreams – we could tell!


Tucker and Nala are waiting for Nikki to send their tennis balls flying!



Melbee and Tucker had a fun time wrestling. Nala was never interested. She wanted to chase tennis balls instead.

The Privats have a boat and very kindly took us out on Lake Pond Orielle (pronounced Ponderay, and sometimes you’ll even see it spelled the way it sounds. Imagine that!) Due to the fires in the area, the air all around has a haze to it. 20180816_165615.jpg20180816_175226.jpg


Bradley and Jillian joined the boys on the tube. Nikki gave them a fun ride! Normally, you’d see beautiful green trees on tall mountains behind, but the smoke took away a lot of the pretty view.

Some of the seasoned locals are quite sure the fires and smoke are so bad these past few years because environmentalists have made such a fuss of thinning timber. What they don’t realize is that most of the timber that gets thinned is dead or diseased. With less to no thinning taking place any more, there’s a lot more dry, dead wood out there to fuel the fires. That sounds like pretty sensible logic to me.

Dayne, Brodee, and Ean all got up on the kneeboard and had a blast! Their muscles reminded them about all the fun the next day. 🙂

It was hard to say good-bye. The boys never look forward to this part. Back in Tennessee, leaving the Wickhams, same story. But we just have to keep reminding ourselves that each time we move on, there’s something/someone else to look forward to at the other end.

While one the lake, we saw mountain goats. They don’t usually come down so low, but it was a special treat. They must’ve known we were in town 🙂

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